Micro Braids

Micro braids involve the creation of many tightly-woven braids. It is a very popular hair style, particularly in the African American community. While low maintenance, it can be difficult and time intensive to create. Fortunately, our stylists will be able to do a great job with their experience and eye for hair.

Our hair salon houses hairdressers who are the experts when it comes to hair braids. We know how to do all kinds of braids, ranging from corn rows to dreadlocks! Whatever you choose, you can rest assured knowing that you will walk out of the salon looking and feeling gorgeous. If you want your braids longer than your current hair, we can weave in hair extensions flawlessly to achieve your preferred look.

Those interested in getting micro braids can do so by visiting our African hair braiding shop, Victory African Hair Braid in Portsmouth, VA. Make an appointment today to take advantage of any of our hair services.


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